Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break Fun

My mom and sister were planning on visiting during spring break and we were going to head to the beach.  However, my sister broke her ankle several weeks ago and was unable to put weight on her foot to drive or get around so we postponed the trip.  Instead, Patrick and I took the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte for a Spring Break Get-a-way.
 There was bowling. 
 Donuts for breakfast. 
 Mini golf pictures.
 Water spraying in the kiddie area.
 Pictures by signs. 
 Jumping on logs and lily pads.
 More pictures by signs.
 Determined boys playing air hockey.
 Little girls trying not to get her fingers smashed. 
 More pictures with mom.
 Cool kids playing mini golf and posing for mom.

  Dad getting into the picture action.
Arcade games.
More pictures from mom.
Carter trying molten lava cake and loving it.
Abby on the jet ski.
Carter by the wave pool looking so grown up.

Carter in the water.   
Abby making water squirt.

and Abby in the water.  

We had a great time and Carter loved going on the big and fast slides but Abby enjoyed the small slide in the kiddie area. 

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