Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let the Christmas Season begin..

We went today to cut down our Christmas tree. This is a tradition that I have done my whole life and love doing with my family now. The weather was great and we had a great time. Enjoy the pictures. We have lots of fun things planned, so hopefully, I will update often. Carter and Abby in front of our tree. Yes, it was that high off the ground, a problem we had to fix when we got home. And yes, Carter is holding a toy chain saw..
Mommy, Abby and Carter by our tree.

Abby posed at the tree farm.

Carter found a tree and "measured" it like Mommy and Daddy do to make sure that it is the right size for our house.

I love this picture. Carter and Daddy off to find a tree.

Carter using his toy chain saw to cut down the tree. It told us that it was broken and did not work.

Carter and Abby with Santa. As you can see, Abby was not thrilled. Carter on the other hand, is all about Santa this year.

There's Abby.

Carter and Abby so excited for the Christmas Season.

Abby and Daddy.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

This and That

We have had a busy few weeks. Abby is 9 months old now and moving all of the time. She has just gotten over an ear infection, so we had several long nights. Abby is a great sleeper, so this was a complete shock to our system. She is better now and maybe working on a getting a few teeth soon. Carter is still the best big brother and loves to just talk to her. Tonight, she was his patient and he came into the room with the stethoscope around his neck and wanted to know if she had any problems. Was she sleeping good? and does she eat enough fruit? It was so cute.
Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

The kids made the big car seat change. Abby is now out of her carrier and in Carter's old car seat but rear facing and Carter has a new booster seat. Carter now has a lot more freedom to help with Abby, which is wonderful for me. They love it too. Abby is moving a lot more and loves the dishwasher. Here she is helping out.

Abby loves her bath time.

Every Christmas since Carter was born, I have taken him to Build a Bear and we build a bear and then record his "voice" to go in the bear, so every Christmas, we pull them out and we enjoy haring the Carter sounds. This year is no different and Abby got to join in as well.

Abby in one of her Christmas dresses.

Carter loves his new moose that he made.

Abby watching on as Carter gives baths.

At this point Abby was done with the whole thing and would not even sit up. Here are the kids with their Christmas friends and their voices recorded for years to come. Sorry to jump ahead to Christmas, I will go back to Thanksgiving this week.

One last picture... This Abby "talking" on the phone to Grammy (her great grandma). She is listening so carefully.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween week re-cap

We had a fun filled week prior to Halloween. After Hallowanka at the Children's museum, we carved pumpkins, went to Boo at the Zoo and then went to a Halloween Party at McEntire (where Patrick works). The kids had a great time. Please enjoy more pictures of our little butterfly and constuction worker.

Outside for carving the pumpkin.Abby with the pumpkin.Carter and the pumpkinIt is touch getting a together shot... Those are my two pumpkins...Daddy and Carter after carving the pumpkin.The kids posed by the large pumkin at Boo at the Zoo. The kids had a great time. Abby loved all of the lights and Carter just loves the zoo.Abby is not a big fan of the merry-go-round, but we keep riding it.. Carter waiting to get candy.Abby on the hayride at McEntire. Look she is getting hair and there are a few curls...The little pink butterfly..

Carter riding a horse at McEntire. He loved it.

Carter with the pumpkin that he decorated with Daddy.

Abby also got on the horse. She did not mind the horse at all but does not like merry-go-rounds. Go figure.

In closing, here is Abby at her My Gym class with her little toothless grin. She loves the tunnels.