Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter celebrations

There are always so many fun things to do in the Easter season along with continuing to teach the kids about the real meaning of Easter. 
We started out dying Easter Eggs.  The kids always have a great time with that.  As Abby gets older she always gets more excited about these activities.  She is our little artist and loves her "projects" so I think she would have colored eggs for days if I would have let her. 

Abby had an Easter Egg hunt at her school.  She has such a sweet class and they had so much fun finding the eggs.  Sadly, Abby got a little frustrated that she did not get many.  She really was not very aggressive in the whole process.  Her "girly" self really shined that day. 

The kids having fun opening their Easter baskets. 
Carter is growing up so fast.  He stood still and did not argue with me to take pictures.
We took pictures before and after church.  As you can tell, Abby was not feeling it before but enjoyed herself much more when she could take off her tights and sit on Carter's skateboard. 

Patrick's family came over for dinner in the evening and we had an Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids had a great time but we had to make it quick due to rain. 

Each year, I take the kids to see the big bunny.  Abby really has never been a fan.  We talked it up big but this was as close as she was getting to that scary bunny.... 

Easter morning at church..  I think the sun was in her eyes. 

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