Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One week old

Abby is now one week old. It is hard to believe. She is a great baby and sleeps alot. (not like Carter). Carter is enjoying being a big brother, more and more each day. Patrick went back to work today and Carter is at school. Here are a few pictures of Abby and Carter the past few days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Carter and Abby

We are getting settled with a newborn and a 3 year old. Carter loves "his baby" and lets us know that there are now 4 people in our house. It is so cute. He has his hyper moments just like any 3 year old. Abby sleeps alot. This was not the case with Carter, so we are adjusting to that. We are thankful, it is just different. Here are a few pictures taken since we came home. Abby with a receiving blanket that her Grammie (great-grandma) made her.
Carter giving a kiss to his sister.

Look at that smile. He is so proud.

Mommy and her little ones. Aren't they so cute!!!

Carter decided that his tractors and monster truck needed to watch Abby. They are all lined up.

Abby asleep in her pack and play at night. A whole new world of pinkness.

Carter has been waiting since Christmas to put the little girl on the sign that my mom got us for Christmas. Here he is so proud when his sister came home from the hospital.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abby Marie

As you can see Abby Marie entered the world a few days earlier than planned, but we thought that might be a possibility. We got the hospital around 12:30pm on Sunday and she was born that night at 9:50pm on February 15th. Things went great in the delivery room and I was up walking in the halls at 1:00am after she was born. She weighed 8lb 12.6oz and was 20 inches long. Carter has been a great big brother. He is adjusting as tonight is our first night at home. Here are a few pictures of Abby, Carter and our family. Enjoy.Abby soon after she was born. She was very bright-eyed, like Carter. Currently, she is much calmer than Carter was.Carter meeting his little sister for the first time. He was a little scared at first, but soon held her.Our first family photo.Kisses for Carter's baby sister.. Mommy and her little girl.Daddy and his little girl.

Before leaving the hospital.

Abby Marie....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Not much new to report. I am still pregnant but will be induced on Thursday, February 19th, if I do not have her by then. The doctor says that it could be anytime. My friends from work had a little "girlie" shower for me this week. It was so much fun and nice to get some of the "girlie" stuff. I have lived in blue and green world for 3 years and really feel that I have a good grasp on trucks and stuff, but I am sure that I will learn quickly. Here are a few pictures from my shower to enjoy. I will keep you posted if anything new happens, but just wait for the fun next Thursday.

Friday, February 6, 2009

What have we been up to???

Not much new going on here. We have been getting ready for the arrival of Baby Girl Toole. I am 37 1/2 weeks now and not much new to report. I went to the doctor today and am the same as last week, but she said that everything is going great. My doctor is at the hospital on Thursdays, so if I have not had her by February 19th, we are going in to be induced. I did this with Carter a day before my due date and things went great. I like the predictable factor and being able to have things organized.
Carter has been busy with swimming lessons and going to see the Monster Trucks with Daddy. Here are a few pictures to enjoy. We will keep you posted on the details of the next few weeks.

Carter at swim lessons. This is the first class that he has gotten in the water without mommy or daddy in the parent and me classes. He loves it and smiles the whole time. He really does not want his head in the water.

Here is Carter sitting on the steps while the other little boy swims with the teacher. This is the part that we actually appreciate the most, is that he listens to his teacher. A big task for a 3 year old.

As you can see here, he is just taking all of the action in at the Monster Truck Show. He loved wearing the headphones and did not even take them off at the quiet parts.