Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Costume Fun

Last night we went to Edventure, the children's museum for some Halloween fun. The kids had a great time... Carter is so excited to be a construction worker and Abby looks so cute as a little butterfly. Pictures were a little tough at times for Carter because the flash and lighting would cause a reflection on his reflective vest.

Daddy and Abby showing off her clapping skills.

Mommy with her little trick or treaters.. Have a great halloween week..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun

Here are our 2 pumpkins. This fall season is such a busy time. Here are several pictures of the things that we have been up to. We have a busy week ahead of us with all of the halloween festivities. Check out pictures later this week of the kids in their costumes. Abby is 8 months old now and has a little personality. She is very easy natured but has had a "need mommy" streak in her lately.

Look at those silly kids. You would think that Abby would be the tough one to take pictures of but Carter actually now is trying this "silly" smile look.Carter being such a big boy. He loves to tell everyone that he is 4. PMommy with her kids. Again, pictures are not the easiest. Patrick was lucky enough to get swine flu and pneumonia last week, so this is a moment at McDonald's when I left the house with the kids. He was in confinement in our bedroom for several days. Birthday parties have filled our fall season and here is Carter roasting marshmallows and his friend Simon's party. Carter riding a pony at the farm party. It was alot of fun.
Our state fair was also here this month, so we visited for a few ours last week. We had a great time. We ran into Patrick's brother and his family just before we left, so here is Carter and Ian riding a ride.
Abby chilled like this the whole time we were there. She was wide awake the whole time. This is actually just before we left, I think that she was a little wiped out.

Carter and Daddy playing the water game and winning a prize. Carter loved riding on the tractors that were on display. Carter and Daddy in the race car. Carter and I also went on a big ferris wheel. He loved it. I tried for pictures but they just did not come out. Abby enjoying the fair. She has such defined features. So precious. And again, more soccer. Every saturday Carter has a game. He loves it. He is not always in the middle of everything but always says that he is having fun. That is what matters.
Running down the field..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carter is 4

It is hard to believe, time goes so fast, but Carter is 4. He has been so excited and running around telling everyone that he is 4 now. The fun began on Friday with treats for his class at school. Carter decided that this year, he wanted to have a Monster Truck Party. I made brownies (Carter's favorite) for the class with monster trucks decorated on them.
As you can see Carter's brownie is plane. He thought that the monster trucks were cool but he does not like frosting. Picky kid.. Gotta love him.

The monster truck brownies. I really wanted them in the shape of Monster Trucks but accidently bought a tractor. Oops.Carter opened his big present the night before his birthday and was excited to get a bike. Here he is riding his big boy bike. Fun Fun.Ever since playing mini golf on vacation, that is Carter's new love. Grandma got him a golf set and here he is outside playing. On Carter's actual birthday, Saturday, he had a soccer game. He decided to get up "extra" early that day since he was so excited about his birthday. Here he is with the soccer cupcakes that I made for his team...Then Carter had his friend party on Saturday night at Leapin Lizards. It is a bounce house/play place. He had a great time. Again we went with the monster truck theme. Enjoy.My big boy. Carter enjoying his sub sandwiches and chips. That was what he wanted to eat. Carter with Mommy, opening presents. Carter and all of his friends at the party. Here is Carter's cake that I made. He found a picture that he liked and knew exactly what he wanted. Here he is blowing out the candle. He also picked out the "4" candle, he did not want 4 individual candles. Abby also enjoyed herself at her big brother's party.
We had a great time celebrating Carter's birthday. He is growing so fast.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Fun

Here are some pictures of the kids. We are enjoying the fall weather and getting ready for Carter's big day. I can't believe that he is turning 4.. Enjoy the pictures. Pictures at soccer. Carter is having fun and soccer and loves to just run around. The kids did great last Saturday. They played for a whole hour.
(that is a big deal when you are 3)

Attempts at the team picture.Carter was outside with his tool box working on his John Deere Tractor. Hard work. Love that face.

So much to fix. How will he do it?

Abby at the zoo. The kids both had a great time and the weather was perfect.

Carter's attempt to take Mommy and Abby's picture. Not too bad.

Not sure what Abby is doing with her lip. I think that she is feeling for teeth that she does not have.

Abby going through the tunnel at My Gym class. As you can see, she has a great time.

I am excited to saw that Abby's hair is growing and we can now put clips in her hair. I will probably still have her where alot of headband bows. I love them and my friend, Lindsey, just sent us a box of bows. How fun.