Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soccer, My Gym class and Bowling

As you can see we have been busy. Carter just started playing soccer and has a short practice every Friday and a game on Saturday. The kids are so cute and it really is just about them not getting their feelings hurt and staying out on the field. He is having fun and even scored a goal the first week. Abby is now 7 months old and adventurous. As you can see in the pictures, her left eye is bruised from a fall at daycare but it is getting better. Abby and I started going to My Gym on my day off for a play class. I did something similar with Carter and now it is Abby's turn. It is fun seeing her try new things. Lastly, Carter was invited to a bowling birthday party by one of his classmates, so he got to go bowling for the first time. He loved it and was so cute in the bowling shoes.
Enjoy the pictures. Sorry about the black spot on some pictures, we are having to use our old camera as our current camera is broken. It still works other than that black spot.

Carter on the field, ready to start the game. He is number 3. Also he is the tall blond one.He loves his uniform and his shin guards. Abby is showing his that she is growing up.Abby playing at the My Gym class. She had a lot of fun.Carter bowling. He had fun just throwing the ball down the lane.

We have a busy few weeks getting ready for Carter's 4th birthday. Time does fly... I wil post new pictures soon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun at the beach

We went to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend over the Labor Day Holiday with Patrick's parents and his brother and family. It was a great vacation for us and so neat to see Carter and Abby experiencing new and exciting things. Here are ALOT of pictures, so enjoy... Carter playing at the waterpark at the hotel. It was cold, but the kids still had fun.

Daddy and Carter on the lazy river. It was the warmest place to be. Both kids loved it.

Abby sat in the kiddy pool or relaxed in the lazy river in a float. The lazy river was much warmer so we were in there alot.

We also spent some time at the ocean in the sand. As you can see Abby is growing and can sit up just fine all by herself. She loves it.

Playing in the sand.

Abby showing you that she loves the sand but maybe it would feel better if she is not on her knees.

Carter looking at the waves in between helping Daddy build a sand castle.

Daddy and Carter by the sand castle.

Abby "eating" a shovel. She was covered in sand.

Abby crawling on the sand and looking at the ocean.

Such sweet kids.

Abby loved the ocean. She did not mind when the waves would come toward her.

Love the shades, Carter.

We went to play putt-putt golf one evening. The kids loved it. Here is Carter with his cousins, Ian and Neeley.
All he talked about after that was playing golf. He thought that we should do that every night. Here he is hitting the ball. He even got a hole-in-one.Abby also enjoyed the putt-putt golf course. She loves lights and watching people.Carter and Mommy at the putt putt golf course. Notice that this is the only picture of mommy. I was busy taking pictures of everyone else. Carter and his cousin, Ian playing golf. They had so much fun.We went out to eat at one of those all you can eat seafood buffets and they have a play area for the kids.Carter working as a captain on the ship at the playland at the seafood buffet.

Neeley, Ian and Carter at Broadway on the Beach, having a good time.

Carter wearing his hat at Johnny Rockets. He loved eating the french fries and hot dogs.

The cousins riding in the wagon to the beach.
Just love that face.