Monday, June 21, 2010

Growing kids

Here are a few pictures of things that the kids have been up to.
They are changing everyday. Abby going down her slide. She loves it. Today she was letting all of her babies go down the slide too.

We went to the waterpark in town that Carter and I have visited previous summers when our friends from Virginia Beach came into town. I did not get great pictures of the kids because it was really hot and there was alot going on. They had a great time.

Carter fell asleep reading his monster truck magazine. Just too sweet not to take a picture of.

What the life. Abby decided that sitting in the refrigerator talking on her play phone would be a good idea...

Brother and sister. They were both at the table playing with the playdoh.

Abby is getting so big. She now sits at the table and colors.

Here is Carter on his first day of school for the 4 year old class. They move them up in the summer. He is getting so big. So far, he loves it. He has already had VBS at school and it on his second week of swimming lessons.

T-Ball Time

Carter just started t-ball and is having alot of fun.
We had the first game last week and here are a few pictures.
Here he is #11 ready for the game to start.

Running to first base.

Just excited to get to 2nd base.

Enjoying cheetos after the game. He was already orange from the clay and then it just got worse. We have the 2nd game tomorrow.