Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Dancing Queen

Abby has been taking tap/ballet/gymnastics at the Little Gym since January with some of her friends from school.   She has had a great time.  The girls got to show of their moves last week.  Here they are after the performance...
Abby on the low bar doing a pull over or flip of some type.  She really likes this part.
Abby and her friends...
The ballet routine.. 
After the show, the girls got flowers..
Abby with her teacher..
Sweet brother and sister.  Carter was so excited to go and watch Abby until the show started and he realized what was happening.  We had to remind him about the number of things that his Abby has gone to for him...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Darlington 500

We surprised Carter and got tickets to go to the Darlington 500.  We did not tell him until about an hour before we left and he was speechless and so excited.  He knows TONS about racing and is a huge fan.  
 Let me first start out by saying that everyone should be so glad that we have these pictures.  As many of you know, I take alot of pictures.  After the race, these pictures were almost gone.  The next thing that I am going to tell you is disgusting and as I could not get it out of my mind, Carter kept telling me that I just needed to think of happy things.  
My camera fell into the porta-john, I mean the actual porta-john.  My first instinct was to dig it out and that I did.  Then I pulled out the memory stick and headed out the door to find a bathroom to scrub by arm...  Needless to say, we are not even attempting the camera but I was able to get these pictures.  So enjoy these.
 Before the race there are several activities outside of the racetrack.  Carter loved them all.
 Playing a racing video game.
 Picture in front of a Dale Jr. car.  He is our family favorite.
 Cool NASCAR sand sculpture.

 Posing on the Geico Motorcycle.
 In the tiny Air Force Car.
 Walking with Daddy and all of the loot that they gathered.
 This one if for you Grammy...
 Carter in our seats before the race.
 Family shot.  Abby stayed with Nana and Gramps..  Carter could not stop smiling.
 Carter in a Clint Bower car.
 It just so happened that our seats were in front of Dale Jr.'s pit box.  Very cool.
 Carter having fun.
 Dale Jr. for pre-race introductions.
Here is our view of the race.  We were very tired after getting home about 1:30am but it was so much fun to see the awesome smile on Carter's face...  Priceless.....

Mother's Day School Activities

 Carter and Abby both had Mother's activities that I was able to enjoy these past few weeks. 
 Carter's class had a tea.  He was so excited to have me there and just loved it. 
Abby's school had Muffins for Moms.  She has a great class and here are all of the girls dressed up with playdoh when it was time for the mom's to leave.  They are so sweet. 
I love it that I have the chance to be involved with activities at both Carter and Abby's Schools. 

Air Show and Strawberry picking

Last weekend, Patrick had drill, so I took the kids to the Shaw Expo Air Show.  We had a great time looking at planes and watching the Golden Knights and the Thunderbirds.

Both kids did great wearing their ear plugs.

 The next day we went to pick strawberries.  The both thought this was fun.
 Carter taking a break to watch the airplanes.
 What a look..
 Posing for a shot...

She was so determined.  Carter had been with his school before, but this was Abby's first time.  I enjoyed the strawberries and made some strawberry bread.  It was delicious..  Too bad Carter and Abby won't eat strawberries.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun at the Zoo

 A few weeks ago we decided that it was a beautiful day and we should head to the zoo.  Carter and Abby thought it was fun too and even made some silly faces outside of the penguin tank.  Notice the large scrape on Abby's face.  She had a run in with a wooden pole at school. 
 There is a new ropes/adventure course at the zoo and Carter and Daddy decided to give it a try.  Carter was so excited.  Love that smile. 
 Both did great and had so much fun.  It was a huge accomplishment for Carter and he went all of the way to the top. 

Daddy and the kids.
Carter fed the goats.  Abby was too scared...

Mommy and Abby.  The picture was taken by Carter.

The next week, Abby and I went on a play date back to the zoo with a few friends. 
Abby even thought she was big enough to ride a horse.  Many times she can be very scared of things like that.  Her friends did it, so she decided it was a good idea.

Reese, Abby and Heyward riding the train.  The loved it. 
Abby and Reese.  Yes, Abby is that tall.....
Abby milking a cow..
Abby and Reese by the bunny statues.

Sweet kids looking at the animals.  We had a great time just strolling around and letting the kids explore.  Abby was much more game for everything when she saw her friends do it.