Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Busy month of May

After returning from Disney World it was back to the real world and Mother's Day. Needless to say, my day was spent doing laundry and getting ready for the work week. We did go out to eat with Patrick's family for dinner to celebrate with his mom. Here is Nana and her grandkids.
Gramps enjoys his time with his granddaughters sitting on his lap. They usually get jealous if they don't both get to sit there.
California Dreaming, where we ate, used to be an old train station, so after dinner we went outside and a train was getting ready to go by. What fun.
Abby thinking this whole thing was a little funny. She is a mess.
We also got to enjoy Abby having some random eye infection. The first on started on Friday and then the other on Tuesday. She really was a good sport about it, but it looked terrible.Carter's class went to the strawberry patch to pick strawberries. I went along to help out and it was alot of fun.
Carter's school has an end of the year picnic which is always alot of fun. Here is Carter playing with his friends outside.
Mommy and Carter. I am going to enjoy this pictures of my little boy as long as I can. He is growing up so fast.
How fun to climb in the tree.
I have been involved in the Discovery Council at Edventure, our children's museum and we had a Gala to raise money for afterschool children's programs. It was a new experience for me, but I had alot of fun. This is not a normal Patrick and Shawn function, but we had a good time getting all dressed up.
Carter had his final t-ball game of the season. It was alot of fun and the boys had a good time.
Team Picture. It is so hard to tell whose who with these hats on. Carter is in the back row, third from the right.
Abby's school had a field trip to the zoo and the parents all attended. It was fun just walking around the zoo with Abby even though it was nap time and she decided to be afraid of everything.
Here she is checking out things. As the animals would walk away from her, she decided that they were going shopping. She does like to shop.
Memorial day was Gramp's birthday so we headed out to Patrick's parents house. All the kids eating dinner. They are getting so big.
Trying to get a good shot of Carter. Not always an easy task.
Abby having fun outside in the dirt. She was so dirty when we got home. It was everywhere.

Finally, Carter and Abby are at the same school. They school changes classes at the beginning of the summer so Carter moved up to the 5 year old class and Abby got to start in the 2 year old class. They have a great summer program for the older kids, so Carter can go here for several years and then this will be Abby's pre-school. So far, things have been good. It is so nice to only have to go one place to pick them up.
We have already had a busy June so pictures will be up soon.