Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visit to Grandma's house

Carter, Abby and I just returned from a visit to Indiana. It was an eventful trip, flying with the kids, playing outside at Grandmas, visiting my friend Kelly from college and enjoying time with Aunt Karen, Aunt Amy and Grammy.
Carter and Abby watching the planes and eating lunch during our layover in Atlanta. I will say the flights back to Columbia were better than going to Indiana. Abby was not a fan of sitting down (a must for a plane flight).Abby enjoyed time in the pool that my mom got for her to play with.

Carter playing near the slip in slide with Aunt Karen.We were outside shucking corn form dinner and Abby was excited.

As you can see, Abby loves the corn. Grandma reading bedtime books to Abby.

Carter showing Grandma how his Leapster works.

This really is the best picture one can get with 5 kids, 5 years old and younger after playing in the pool. These are my friend, Kelly's kids. Chip and Carter are the best of friends. It is so sweet and then Carien wants to be a princess when she grows up and Cecile and Abby are only 6 weeks apart in age. It was an eventful trip to the pool.

Aunt Amy came to visit for the day and was telling something to Abby.

We also had a picnic at the park and then played. Here is Grammy on the swings with Carter. Don't forget we just had her 80th birthday party.

Abby loves her big brother (most of the time) and here she is waiting for him to bring out the bubbles.

Carter and Grandma feeding the horses.

Carter getting ready for a ride in Grandma's convertible.
Abby being Abby... At the airport getting ready to leave.

Carter also got rides on the 4-wheeler with Grandma and we went to the county fair, but my camera battery died. They loved the baby animals at the fair and it was fun to go back. I took tons of pictures, but here are just a few. Enjoy

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun 4th of July weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend. We headed out to Lake Murray on Saturday for a celebration with our sister-in-law, Stephanie's family. The kids had a great time on the lake and Carter and Patrick enjoyed riding the jet ski.
Carter and Patrick on one of their many rides.

Abby would not get in this little pool but had a great time hanging out by it.

Abby enjoying her little chair. Love that face.

Carter and his cousin, Ian, eating boiled peanuts. They were like little old men with a trash can in front of them to get rid of the shells.

Carter getting ready to jump in the lake.

The on Sunday, we went to a friend's house for dinner, a waterballoons and fireworks. The kids had a great time.

Carter was soaking wet, but laughing the whole time.

Abby and Carter playing with the snappers that you through on the ground.

Carter watching the fireworks. He was so excited this year.

Both kids looking over the deck to see the grand finale of fireworks.
I had to work this morning but then came home and we took the kids out back to play in the water.

Abby just hopped in this little pool. It was too small for her, but it was only 25 cents on clearance last year. She loved it.

Carter aiming with the water gun.

Carter in mid run.

Abby enjoyed playing with the hose on Carter's water firetruck. They had a great time.

Carter showing off the cricket that he caught.
We hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.