Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Visit from friends

I went to Hope College with my friend Kelly.  She still lives in Michigan, but we still have remained great friends.  Our kids get along so good too.  Carter and Chip are about a year apart and every time they are together, you would think that they see each other daily.  It is neat. 
 Her family came to visit us for a day and the kids had so much fun.  The girls thought that they would all sleep in Abby's bed.  Abby thought that was a good idea until she did not get to sleep in the middle.  Kelly's girls who are 5 and 3 ended up in Kelly and Chuck's room.

These sweet boys had so much fun doing just about everything. 
I had several more fun pictures but they are vertical and would not show up...  Oh well. 

Spending time at the lake

I am really behind in updating the blog, but thought I would catch up a little. 
 Our sister-in-law, Stephanie's family gets together to celebrate the 4th at the lake each year and we are always invited.  I would have to say that the kids had the best time ever. 

 Abby decided that she would ride the jet-ski with her daddy.
 This girl really is a mess..  Never know what she will do next.

 Carter also had lots of fun riding on the jet ski.  He even got to drive it a little
He jumped into the lake of the dock, more times than I can count.  He would jump in and pull himself up..  He is getting more confident and sure of himself every day..

I have several great pictures of the kids on the July 4th, however, they are vertical and blogger won't seem to post them the right direction.  Oh well, onto other things to blog about.