Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Carter and Kindergarten

Carter started Kindergarten on Monday and he really enjoyed it. I can't believe that he is getting so big. Here he is at his table in his classroom.
My sweet and silly boy outside posing for mommy.
Carter and me...

Carter is a very literal person so when we were in his classroom, he told me that it was 7:41 and then we decided that 7:45 would be a good time for me to leave. He was being kind of shy and hanging around me as we looked around them room. The next moment I looked and he was gone. It was 7:45 and he was ready for me to leave and playing on the floor with some of his new classmates.
In the morning having his Pre-Kindergarten breakfast. Cinnamon French Toast sticks making a K and then smokey links (that we can only find in Indiana and at the commissary in Columbia).
During the weekend in preparation, we had some fun. Carter and Abby got their hair cut and there was a balloon artist. Abby with her green dog.
Carter with his octopus.
Edventure had a kindergarten night and we took the kids on Friday. Abby is planting her vegetables.
Carter changing a tire.
My sweet fireman...
It has been a good few days of school and we are doing good. I am excited for him to get to learn all of the new stuff. He really is a sponge when it comes to learning...