Monday, May 31, 2010

Trip to Virginia Beach

After being involved in a camp in Virginia for 9 years for Adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, I really wanted to go back and visit. We left on Friday to head to Chesapeake, Virginia and were able to see the many staff members that I used to work with the the awesome campers. Despite the fact that they have brain injuries, they remembered me. It was so neat.
We then met out friends Kim and her kids at their place on Saturday. Her husband was scheduled to return from Haiti, where he has been with the Army since January, the following day. Carter and I met Savannah and Kim at gymboree when the kids were just 10 months old. Carter and Savannah have always had a special bond, but they moved away about a year and a half ago.
Here is Abby playing the slide at their house.Forever friends. Savannah and Carter...

New friends, Abby and Brodie. Brodie was so sweet with Abby. He is 2 1/2. Carter actually bonded with Brodie because of their monster trunk love. I think that Savannah's pink room, kind of scared him. It was so cute. Ft. Story, where they live, is on the ocean, so we walked over and let the kids play in the sand. It actually started raining, but they still had a great time.

Abby was not so sure of all of it, but had a lot of fun.

Carter and Savannah.

We then went for dinner and it was time to say goodbye.
Savannah and Carter with their goodbye hugs.

Brodie joined in to hug Abby.

The kids together.... We look forward to them visiting Columbia this summer.

The next morning, we went to my friend Jessie's families house for breakfast. Jessie and I met in PT school and they live in NC but happen to be in Virginia Beach with family, so we were able to see each other and meet each other's youngest daughters. Our oldest kids are just a few weeks apart.

This is Abby and Marci, attempting hugs but they got shy.

Driving cars up/down the window with the dogs outside.

Lauren and Carter.

We then drove straight back to Columbia to celebrate Gramps's birthday. Here is Gramps reading a book to his granddaughters, Neeley and Abby.

Abby on the 4-wheeler.

Carter on the motorcycle pulling around his cousins.

We had a great weekend. Here are a few pictures of the kids on Memorial Day.

I updated another post, so take a look.

End of the year stuff

We have been keeping busy with all of Carter's end of the year events. It has been alot of fun and I don't think that it has even fazed him, but I am the sentimental one. Abby goes along for the ride and is becoming such a little ham. An explanation of this picture and the video in the previous post. This is a power wheels motorcycle that was pink but Carter and my nephew were not thrilled with, so Gramps painted in red. It hangs out at Nana and Gramps's house and Abby thought that she should give it a try. Man, she is growing up.

Carter's pre-school had an end of the year picnic for the families, so Patrick and I left work and headed to it. Carter was so excited to have us there and I just love these pictures of him with his Daddy.

We also had his end of the year soccer party with a waterslide and all. The kids had a great time.

Abby riding the John Deere, she had fun too.

We were never able to get everyone there in uniform for a team picture, so bathing suits would have to do as all of the kids got trophies.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

watch out world

This is my attempt to upload a video. Enjoy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Fun

We have been very busy these past few weekends but having a great time together as a family. Carter had his last soccer game yesterday and has had so much fun. We also went to the zoo for Mother's Day and the kids had a blast just getting to walk around and explore. Carter also was able to get another belt in Karate on Friday night. I went with Carter's class this past week to pick strawberries. Those kids had so much fun and got so dirty. Carter and Abby are growing so quickly. Enjoy the pictures of the last few weekends.Carter getting some instructions from his coach.

Giving me a thumbs up after something good happened. He is so sweet.

Abby really wanted to join in on the fun.

The zoo was alot of fun. Carter feeding the giraffe. They really get up close and personal.

Abby checking out the bunnies.

Carter and Abby going down the slide together at the zoo.

A close up of my big girl.

What a big boy.Carter's class outside the bus before going into the strawberry patch. Not sure if you can tell, but there are 13 boys and 3 girls in his class. Carter in the strawberry patch. Look mom, what I picked.

Carter and mommy after he got his orange belt.

Waiting for the test to begin.

They have learned a few wrestling moves. Looks like Carter came out on top.

Abby felt a little left out and thought that she could join in.

Carter and Abby before his soccer game yesterday.

I love this picture. He just scored a goal.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grandma's 80th Birthday party

Let me first just say that it was so great to see all of my family. It really is so nice to spend time with them. We got up on Saturday morning and drove to my Grandma's house. There we had lots of fun stuff to do. These pictures are just a few to show some of the preparation and the party.My Grandma did such a great job working on this special day and I think that she really had a wonderful time. Here she is straightening the table clothes.
Carter and Abby enjoyed the big room, but had a take a break for some playing.
Here is my sister, Amy on the phone with the rental place straightening things out. My mom and Grandma were making sure that all of the table clothes were on just the right way.
Carter joined in the action and helped put chairs around all of the tables. He worked for a little bit but then got tired and went a played. The life of a 4 year old.

Once the chairs were out it was time to put candy around the flowers. Carter loved this and knew that he had a certain number to count out.

On Saturday evening, we went back to my Grandma's house and met up with my Aunt Karen, Aunt Trudy and cousin Allie. Poor Patrick and Carter, there really were alot of women in the room. Here we are at the table working on some last minute details.

My grandma making a tablecloth. She had so much fun with everyone laughing

Abby playing on the floor with my cousin, Allie.

My mom holding Abby... So sweet.

Patrick even got to help out Grandma.

We still have a few things to finalize on Sunday morning, so here is my mom making bows.

Abby having a snack.

Here is Grandma, my sister, Amy, and my Aunt Karen before the party.
About 150 people came to Grandma's party. It was so special. Here is Grandma greeting some of her guests.

There was even an orchestra. They played alot of my Grandma's music during the party.

My Grandma crocheted this table cloth and there are pictures of her growing up on the table.

More of Grandma, waiting for the party to begin.

Here is the cake. I don't have a picture of the food table, we had finger sandwiches, a beautiful fruit display, shrimp cocktail, vegetables, brownies and a raspberry punch. It was exactly what my grandma wanted.

My cousin Allie plays the violin and she played Happy Birthday for my Grandma. Carter thought that it was interesting and was right up there in the action.

What a great picture of Grandma.

Grandma even got to dance the polka.

Here is Abby checking everything out.

Several pictures were displayed on a red door from the old cabins and here is Carter all by himself checking them out. He knew exactly why we were there and had a great time.

Grandma looked so nice. I am so glad that we were able to attend her party. It was so special.

The next morning before we went back to Indiana, my Grandma recorded her voice on a book for Carter and Abby from their Grammy. (Thanks mom for thinking of it)
I know that this is a long post and I am sorry that it took me so long. I got strep last weekend and it really wiped me out. I don't get sick so it was not fun. I am better and looking forward to a great weekend.