Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

The Easter Bunny left some eggs for the kids for an Easter Egg Hunt. He hid the eggs while the kids were playing upstairs. AMAZING. Poor Carter had been looking outside all day.. See who can get them the fastest.

Abby with her basket.

Carter having a great time.

Eager kids waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt. Cousins, Ian and Neeley also enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt.

Sweet 5 year old opening his egg with his name on it.

Abby going through her Easter Basket. She had so much fun.

Carter before church.

Abby with flowers off the cross at church.

I wanted nice family pictures before Easter, however, Abby was only wanting to mow wearing her pretty dress.

This picture reminds me of my Uncle Steve....

Carter and I did manage a quick mom/son picture.

Abby opening her Easter basket. She got some panties, which means that potty training is in our near future. Yeah...

Easter basket fun.

Carter and his basket. He woke us up at 1am to let us know that the Easter Bunny took the egg that he had left out for him. He was so excited.

Carter coloring Easter eggs. He had so much fun.

Checking out the eggs.

What color will it turn out?

Abby and Mommy coloring eggs.

Daddy and Abby. She had a great time.

We had a great Easter Weekend. Hope you enjoy the pictures of some of our fun times.

Fun Spring Stuff

Since I am usually the one with the camera, I could not miss this chance to take a cute pic of a Daddy with his kids. We are walking to a Disney on Ice performance.
Not the best quality, but at least I made it in a shot.

Abby after the show.

Carter being a typical boy.

The end of the performance. It was really good, but one time there were all princesses out on the ice and Carter made sure to let me know that there were too many girls out there...

Everyone loves Mickey.

Abby was being Abby and covered her eyes for each picture... Love the age of 2..

We have also been busy with t-ball on Saturdays. Abby has fun in the mud while we are there..

We have also enjoyed some time at the park.

On the rock wall.

Carter pushing Abby on the swing. They are so sweet to each other. Most of the time.

Abby loves to swing.