Friday, February 25, 2011

Abby's 2nd Birthday Party

As much as I am not into the whole character thing, Abby loves Dora, so for a small 2nd birthday party, Dora was the theme. Here she is riding her new toy from Grandma.
When the guests arrived, the kids played outside for a while. It was a beautiful day so outside time was nice..

Abby enjoying time with Daddy.

Abby with her cousin Neeley.

Nana, Gramps, Uncle Bobby and Aunt Stephanie enjoying the festivities. Sweet neighbor and friend, Kate. She converted the tool bench into a makeup station and is putting on her "makeup" at this point.

Little Ada Grace waiting to play. Her sweet mom, Allison took these wonderful pictures. I am so thankful.

Kate's brother, Jake, riding in the coupe. A favorite toy for all.

Heyward playing with all of the balls. Such a cutie.

Riley with the 3D chalk glasses. He is Ada Grace's big brother and friend of Carters. They have been on the same sports teams for a few seasons.

Cousin Ian.

Brother and sister bonding on the jeep. They had so much fun.

The treat bags. They are supposed to look like Dora's Backpack and Diego's Rescuepack.

Dora cake that I made.

Before the candle was lit, Abby liked the whole cake idea.

Happy to practice blowing out a candle before the real cake came out. Singing Happy Birthday to Abby. You could say that she was not thrilled about all of this.;

Daddy comforting his little girl. She can also be very dramatic.

She enjoyed licking the frosting off of her cupcake.

Looking at her ABC Book that I made.

Loving her babydoll. I can't believe that my little girl is already 2. She is quite a character but can be the sweetest and funniest thing around...
Sorry for the picture overload. I just could not help but share the fun day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abby turns 2

I can't believe that Abby is already 2. Here she is today, with all of her spirit and spunk.. Never a dull moment.
Abby on her 1st birthday. She was starting to get hair at that point.

Abby just a few days old. It is really amazing.

More silly Abby photos before heading to Chick fil-a for dinner.

Always on the go.

I made some cupcake shaped sugar cookies for her class at school today. They are already moving her to the 2 year old class, but she loves it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week in review

My sweet little ones. We had great weather here this weekend, so we did a few things outside and celebrated a little valentine fun.

Watching the donuts be made at Krispy Kreme with Daddy.
Carter showing his excitement for Krispy Kreme Donuts or just being silly.

Abby in her little hat.

Such a big boy.

Abby working hard on her valentines.

Carter working on his valentines.

T-ball practice started this weekend. It was a great day and Carter had a great time.

In action.

Abby showing off her bathing suit before swimming. The water has been cold so we tried a little more coverage. It really did not help but she sure has a cute little pose going on.

Abby and Mommy in the water.

Carter showing off his swim moves.
Hopefully, I will update more this week. We have a little girl turning 2.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This and That

Thought I would update with a few pictures of the kids. Man they are growing. Abby and I took Carter to karate last night and she really enjoyed just watching all that was going on. It was amazing for her to just sit there and watch.

Carter and his karate friends.

We had a playdate with a friend this weekend and gotta love the superheros.

I got a Wi Fit for my birthday and Carter was enjoying the workouts the other day. He made sure to let me know that he was wearing his shorts that he is supposed to wear for sports.

Balancing and kicking.

Working those muscles.

What shoe to wear??? None to them worked for her and she was thought having a fit might help her decide.. She is very picky about her clothes these days and enjoys wearing tights more than jeans... too cute.