Sunday, August 22, 2010


Carter and Patrick are big race fans, so we decided to do a day trip to Charlotte for some NASCAR fun. First we headed to Hendrick Motor Sports, then went to JR motorsports and then to the NASCAR Hall of Fame. If you know anything about racing, you will figure out that Carter is a big Dale Jr. Fan.
Abby got into the action.

Carter by the Dale Jr. racing gear.

Patrick and Abby posing by "dale jr". Abby was not sure what to think.

Abby and Carter outside at JR motorsports.

Yes, I was there. However, this is the only picture that you will find me in. It is tough when I am the one with the camera in my hand.

The car that Dale Jr. drove in at Daytona and won this last year like his dad's car. Carter loves this one too.

Daddy and Carter at the NASCAR hall of fame.

Carter in his Dale Jr. gear.

Then there is Abby.... What a girl.

Carter practicing using a "jack" at a pit stop.

Carter listening.

Patrick and Carter before doing a driver simulation.

All in all we had a great day. It was alot of fun and enjoyed spending the day as a family.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Big Girl

Just as everyone was starting school down here, Abby got to join in on the fun. We found out that her daycare was closing a month ago, so we had to find another place. Today was her first day at the new daycare.
Abby saw her lunchbox on the counter and decided that it was time to head out the door with lunchbox in hand. This is a big deal for her because, Abby can be on the overly dramatic side and very clingy to mommy and daddy.

When we got there, she decided to just walk right in holding Daddy's hand.

A smile on the face of our big girl. It is hard to believe that she is already 18 months old. Where does the time go.
All in all, I think that she had a good day. She cried when we left, but it was short lived and she was happy when I got there to pick her up. Let's see how day #2 goes.
Carter will officially start his 4 year old full day class tomorrow. No, they are not at the same places. I could only wish for it to be that easy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

T-ball, EdVenture and a visit with Boo

Carter finished his t-ball season last week and here are a few pictures from his last game.
Practice before the game with daddy.

A silly pose with a few of his teammates. Carter getting his trophy at a team party after the game.

Abby and I met a friend from work at Edventure this week. Here is Abby playing with Heyward.
Abby riding on the tractor.

Kasey and Heyward. He is a few months younger than Abby but they are both starting to interact a little with each other.

Such cuties. Carter went to zoo camp this week each morning. The boys were a little crazy when trying to get a picture after their fun morning.

Today we drove to Charlotte to meet my cousin Becky, affectionately referred to as Boo. She was in town to help with a book signing event for a book that she edited. Carter jumped in her arms as we left.

There was a fun play area for the kids and Abby watched her brother jump from things and decided that the pink blob was her style. She would step off of it and then pretend to fall on the ground and roll around. They both loved it.


Becky and I before we left.

Abby would not sit still for a picture with Becky, but still loved that pink blob.

Here is Becky helping to set up for the book signing event. (See Becky, you made the blog.

Carter being silly with Boo.

Monday, August 2, 2010

More Summer Pics

Close ups of our darlings. They are growing and changing everyday.

We visited Krispy Kreme after dinner the other night and here are the kids waiting for the "hot and ready" donuts.

Abby loving her hat and she loved the donut too.

There was glaze everywhere for Carter. You can see Gramps in the background.

We went to a splash pad for one of Carter's friends going away party. Carter had a great time.

Abby on the other hand, was more inclined to sit and feed Daddy a lemon icee.

We hung out at home on Sunday morning and cleaning the kids rooms. Here is what I looked over to find. They had both got up the chair together. Of course, I could not get them to look at me at once.

We found Carter's cowboy boots from Grandma that for some reason, he would never wear, but Abby decided that they were just right for her.

Our little cowgirl in her jammies.

We finish up the t-ball season tomorrow night and Carter is going to zoo camp this week. He had a great time today and let me know all about the animals that he got to see.