Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Basketball Camps

 Besides getting to do really neat things while going to Carter's summer program where he has goes for afterschool activities and where Abby goes, he has had the chance to go to 2 short half day basketball camps. 
 The first one that he went to was Gamecock Basketball Camp.  He loved it.  Each morning he was so excited to get there and wanted me to leave as soon as I signed him in.  For those of you that know Carter, this has not always been the case.  He is growing up so much..

 The he attended an Upwards Basketball camp at one of the local churches.  He enjoyed this too and just really loves to play and run and do his best.  It is so neat.  He will have the chance to play on an Upwards Team this winter... 

More Fun in Indiana

 After leaving Warsaw, we heading to Indianapolis with Aunt Amy for a day at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  It is a great museum and the kids had alot of fun.  We were all tired, but it was really neat.
 There was a Hot Wheels exhibit that both Carter and Abby loved.

 There was also a Lego Exhibit and both the kids had fun with that. 

 I took several other pictures, but Blogger will not let me post them since they are vertical pictures.  It would be too touch to look at them from the side.  We had fun with Aunt Amy and her dog Hudson.  Abby was bossing Hudson around and having a great time.  I am sad that I did not get any pictures of Hudson this time.  Thanks Aunt Amy for taking us to the museum and to a good restaurant and putting up with 2 really tired kids...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer trip to Indiana

 The kids and I flew to see my family in Indiana a few weeks ago.  We had a great time and it is always nice to be near family.  The kids love their Grandma and being with the many dogs.

 We set up a small pool in the backyard for the kids to cool off.  The temperatures were hot, but it really was nice outside with the little pool and a great breeze. 
 Abby enjoyed the dogs.  She renamed several of them and bossed them around that they needed to follow her.
 Aunt Amy sent along some science experiments for Carter and he had a great time seeing if he could make a volcano erupt. 
 Grammy came down for a few days..  It was so nice to see her.  She taught Carter how to play a card game. 
 Then we set out to celebrate the start of summer.  It was my Grandma's idea, but a good one.  When 7:09pm hit on June 20th, we danced, the kids jumped in the water with their clothes on and it was fun for everyone.

At bedtime, Grammy read to Abby.  I think that Abby found some long books for her to read.  It was sweet.

 Aunt Amy also came for a few days and Abby enjoyed hanging out with her.
 My mom goes to some neighborhoods and reads to the kids and they can check out books, so we went along.  She had a great turn out and Carter and Abby enjoyed seeing what Grandma does.

 We have a dear friend that we always visit when we are in town.  I grew up with her son and have fond memories of this bridge, porch and pond.  Amy took the kids outside, while mom and I visited inside and these are the special pictures that she got.  I love them.

 Carter just enjoying the outside and Grandma's.
 Carter got to drive the 4-wheeler with Grandma on board...  He is getting so big.
Abby enjoyed feeding the horses.  
We left my mom's and went to Indianapolis to go to the Children's Museum with Aunt Amy.  The kids had a great time and I have alot of pictures from that day, so it will be the next post.  

Thanks again Mom for having us....