Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easter 2012

 After getting home from our little spring break get-away it was time to do those fun Easter activities.  We started out coloring Easter eggs.  The kids had a great time. 

 On Easter, Patrick's family came over and the kids had their traditional Easter egg hunt.  It is always tons of fun.


 Carter looking for eggs.  The Easter bunny left some with their own names on them.
 Abby getting ready for the hunt.
 Carter getting ready.
 Ian looking around...

Carter found one in the corner.
Abby and Neeley comparing eggs...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Break get-away

 For the last few days of Carter's Spring Break, we decided to go to Dillsboro/Bryson City, North Carolina to ride the Great Smokey Mountain Train and do some fun activities with the Charlie Brown characters.
 Carter really wanted to play mini golf, so we found a place the night that we got there to have a round of golf.
Abby just ran around hitting the ball. 
In the Cherokee hotel, there was a Paula Deen Kitchen and that was where I decided we would have dinner.  The food was great and Carter and Abby loved going there.  Not sure, if they had heard me talk about Paula Deen or what, but it was fun.
Since Cherokee, NC has an Indian Reservation, there were several of these bears around the town and Carter was amazed by them. 
We got up and drove to Bryson City the next morning, where the train was departing from. 

It was a little chilly in the open cars, but it was a beautiful ride to Dillsboro.  We were on the train about an hour.
The Easter Bunnies visited us on the train.  Abby was not so excited about this.

They had several activities in Dillsboro, where we had a 2 hour layover.  Here with are with Snoopy.  Abby was not thrilled.
Abby decorating an Easter sugar cookie with Daddy. 
Carter and Charlie Brown.
Pictures with Lucy.  Abby warmed up a little bit.

Games to shoot easter eggs like a sling shot.
During the Easter Egg hunt.
Daddy joined in the picture fun with Lucy.
The inflatable slides.
Back in Bryson City, there was a toy train museum.  The kids loved it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Pictures

 Each year we take the kids to get pictures in their nice Easter clothes with the live bunnies.  I thought that we might be nearing the end of Carter's willingness to participate in this, so really wanted to go.  He actually was the most excited.

 They took alot of pictures and some of these included this one of Carter and Abby just laughing.  Got to love their happy personalities.
 Tea with the bunny...
 Just being Carter... The bow tie was at his request this year.  Too cute.
Sweet brother and sister pictures...  They just adore each other..

Happy Easter.  Hope everyone had a great day.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Meteorologist for the day...

At Carter's school auction, there was a chance to spend sometime at the local TV station with Ben Tanner, the meteorologist. We won and got it all scheduled for Carter to go to the TV station. We arrived at 6am and I thought it was expected that I stay with him, however, I was told that I could leave and come back in a couple of hours. Carter was thrilled. This normally scared kid about new experiences was so happy to have me leave...
When I picked him up he could not stop talking about the TV station, the weather and the college kids that were the cameramen..
Such great memories..

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What have we been up to?

My cousin Joy, her husband Ryan and their daughter Ryley from Colorado were visiting Ryan's family in Atlanta last week and drove over to visit for an evening. It was so nice to see them as they had never met Carter and Abby and the last time that Patrick and I had seen them was in 2004. Ryley had really grown up.
Joy and Ryan after dinner.
The kids enjoyed looking over the booth at dinner to watch what was happening in the kitchen.
Joy and Ryley. We enjoyed some time outside as the weather was perfect.
When it was time for pictures, the kids decided the dressing up in costumes was the way to go..
Thank you Joy and family for taking the time to come and see us. It was nice to see that our blogs still keep us connected even though we live miles apart.
We have been busy with t-ball.
Abby too, as she takes her baby dolls to the games to watch her big brother.

Action shot.
Abby has had birthday parties to attend. She loved the one at the kid's art studio.

Abby and her friend Heyward at the paint your own pottery place.
If you have not noticed, Abby is really into painting, coloring and doing "projects".
We also had doctor and dentist visits. Abby being dramatic getting her blood pressure taken.
She had her first dentist appointment and did great.
Abby has also started a dance class at the Little Gym where she does tap, ballet and gymnastics. She loves it and goes around the house doing her "dance moves".

Carter and Abby also did swimming lessons. Carter got to work on more advanced strokes and did a great job. Abby has no fear and had fun working on being in the water.
All in all we have been staying busy. Hopefully, I getting some posts up about St. Patrick's Day and Easter parties at the kids schools.