Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trip to Indiana

We had an 11 1/2 hour drive to my sister's house last week, on our way to my mom's and then to Michigan for my Grandma's 80th birthday party. The kids did great. Probably better than me and Patrick. Here is Abby playing in the backyard with my sister's dog, Hudson. The dog really did not know what to make of these two crazy kids that had spent the day in the car.Abby decided that blowing raspberries would help the time pass faster.
The next morning we got up and drove to Warsaw to see my mom. Carter was so excited to see his Grandma and even stayed with her at the school while she had a few library classes.

Carter wanted to write his name on the board and Abby thought that she should be right next to him.
My mom reading books with Carter.
Then we went to my Mom's and the kids played outside for a little bit with the balls that my Mom had gotten for them.
Later, that night, Carter and his Grandma made brownies.

We left on Saturday morning to head to my Grandma's to get things ready for her 80th Birthday Party. It was so much fun and the next post is full of the preparations and actual party. We just had a little time on Monday afternoon and the weather was so nice, so the kids had a great time running, feeding horses and riding 4 -wheelers (unfortunately, my camera battery died when the kids got on the 4-wheelers with my mom and Patrick).Abby riding the lawn mower.Carter helping Grandma feed the horses.
Daddy hanging out with Carter and Abby.

Special time for Carter and his Grandma.

Carter and Abby looking at the horses.

We went by mom's school before we left to say good-bye. Abby thought that it was fun to color with the pencils.

Carter reading books with Grandma.

Then we left to head back to South Caroline. We spent the night in Tennessee near a Bass Pro Shop, which was a great place for the kids to roam around after a day in the car.
Both enjoyed riding on the 4-wheelers.

Abby loved this little chair to sit in. She thought that she was big stuff.

A touching brother and sister moment. Both were laying on the bed at the hotel. We had a great trip and I look forward to posting pictures of a very special party.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Springtime fun

We have been enjoying the nice weather and the kids are having fun outside. Abby is learning the ropes of doing all of the "big" kids things. Carter and Abby playing together at the park.
Abby coming through the tunnel.

Carter running acrossed the bridge. Abby was not so sure about it.

Abby and Carter getting ready to come down the slide.

We have also had a few birthday parties to attend. Here is Carter pushing the truck at the monster truck party.

The parties were for Carter's friends, but Abby went along and stayed in the background with me, but after the kids did the pinata, she decided to take a turn at it. What a big girl.

We also made a trip to Charleston to meet up with my friend Jennifer, from PT school. They were visiting from Virginia during their spring break. Carter and Grant having a good time at lunch. They are close in age and it took them a little bit to warm up, but then had a great time.

The four kids after lunch. Carter making a silly face. But when taking pictures of 4 kids, you have to take what you can get.

We met at this great park with trails first and here is Abby walking around. It was a great day. We have a busy weekend planned and a fun trip to Indiana next week for my Grandma's birthday party. Should be lots of fun and I know that I will have great pics of the trip.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

We have had a fun week of Easter Festivities. Time with the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts, coloring Easter eggs, Easter baskets and Easter dinner at our house. Notice a theme, it has been a great week. As you can see the Easter Bunny was not that much fun for Abby. She really is very dramatic and head strong. This picture displays it.
Carter then had an Easter egg hunt at his soccer coach's house. There were tons of kids but he had a great time.

Checking out the eggs after the hunt.

Abby helped too in going through the eggs. On Saturday morning we went to another Easter Egg Hunt at a church near our home. Abby was able to get into the action a little more this time.

Carter was ready to begin.

Next we colored Easter Eggs. Sorry, that Carter has not shirt on, I just did not want him to make a mess. They both had a great time.

Carter always concentrates so hard. The coloring of eggs was a little delayed when I realized that I actually forgot to hard-boil the eggs. Oops....

Easter morning and the Easter bunny arrived with baskets for the kids. Don't worry, Abby got one too, it just did not make the picture. Then we got ready for church. We tried a few pictures, but there is yellow pollen everywhere, so we could not sit down or try very hard to get good shots, or we would have been covered in yellow.

Carter took this picture...

We came home and got ready to have Patrick's family over for dinner. Here is Carter opening another Easter Basket.

Abby after opening an Easter Basket.

The cousins all ready for the egg hunt.. Abby, Carter, Ian and Neeley.

Abby in her favorite squatted position looking for eggs.

Carter on a mission.

We hope that everyone had a great Easter...