Monday, September 6, 2010

Beach Trip

We just returned from a long weekend at Myrtle Beach with Patrick's parents and enjoyed the wonderful weather. It was great to get away and just spend time as a family. I took tons of pictures, many of which, don't have the kids looking at the camera, especially not at the same time, but enjoy.This picture makes me laugh. I am pretty sure that Carter is explaining something to Abby. He really is a great big brother and they can make each other laugh so easily. Mommy and Abby riding the train for miniature golf.

Daddy and Abby at the water park.

Carter at the water park.

Gramps, Nana and Carter sitting by the Intercoastal Waterway.

Gramps reading to Abby before bed.

Carter by the rocks with the ocean in the background.

Abby and the bubbles.

A rare moment, where they both were looking at the camera.

Daddy, Abby and Carter playing miniature golf.

Go Carter.

Abby at miniature golf. Her main goal was to drop the ball in the hole and then step on the hole. It was funny.

Me and my kids.

Carter loved jumping in the waves.

Abby waving at the waves. Every time we would tell her, "here comes a wave", she would actually wave and then say "weee". Too funny

Playing in the sand.

Little miss independent and her BIG bucket.

Abby in the sand in the evening.

Carter in the sand in the evening.

Somewhat looking at the camera.