Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Disney Fun

I have been editing lots more Disney pictures and here are some more. I am trying to make a scrapbook and there are way too many pictures. Enjoy these Abby getting a hug from Belle. She liked Belle the most but was very afraid of all of them. Her daddy had to hold her for all of them...
Epcot had a flower and gardne show with lots of cool Disney things made with flowers and shrubs. Carter and Abby with the Cars.
Mary Poppins was a hit for the kids at Epcot and Daddy did not even have to be in this picture. That was a big deal. Abby walked up to Mary Poppins with her autograph book herself
Abby by her princessess. Belle taking some extra time to talk to Abby.
Aurora with Abby at Epcot.
Carter outside the Nemo ride at Epcot. He loved it.After a long day. We are hanging out watching getting ready to watch the Epcot light show and fireworks. That is one tired little girl.
Special time with daddy.

Carter and I went to Magic Kingdom one night just the two of us. Abby was just done.

Sweet boy on the cars outside of the Grand Floridian. That is where Patrick and I stayed on our honeymoon and we decided to make a stop off and walk around there.
Brother and Sister...
Mommy and Carter on the boat ride to somewhere. It seemed like the rides were always in boats, racetracks or were rollercoasters. Our kids loved those.

For a few minutes the kids did ride in the stroller. Carter actually loved being pushed around but Abby thought that she should be carried. That was not our plan.
Carter trying to pose like Mickey.
Carter and Abby being wild and crazy after riding the monorail.
Abby at the transportation station with her new Ariel doll and lots of Mickey stickers.
Daddy and Carter at the Wilderness Lodge where we had dinner our last night.
This was the Mickey Mouse at the Shades of Green, where we stayed and the kids loved getting their picture taken on it each night. Our last night at Disneyworld. So much fun.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Character Breakfast at Disney

I am slowly working on pictures from Disney. Here are a few from the character breakfast at Chef Mickeys. Carter really does not look too impressed with Pluto in this one.. Abby would not even look at the camera.
Carter trying on cool hats.

Minnie Mouse and Carter.

My cute little ones outside after breakfast.

Brownies after breakfast. Not sure if more got in his mouth or on his face.

Donald Duck. Abby again wanted nothing to do with him. She would physically shake when then came near her. Carter loved all the pictures and autographs.

Abby was excited about her mickey mouse pancake.

Daddy, Carter and Chef Mickey.

Mommy and Abby. Notice not characters made for a happier little girl.

Goofy and silly Carter...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Disney World-just a few pics

We just returned from a vacation at Disney World. It really is an amazing place but tiring to say the least. Carter managed to stay up late, get up early and never take a nap the entire time, even the car ride home. He wanted to ride the roller coasters and was upset if they were not fast enough. Abby on the other hand is very dramatic and was "scared" of all of the characters.

Here are a few pictures of the trip. I took 700, so I think that it will take me awhile to edit all of them and make a scrapbook and I will probably do another post. Enjoy.

Carter and Abby sitting on a car near the Test Track at Epcot.
Carter posed with Lilo and Stitch. They tried to get Abby close and gave her a leaf, but she still had to cling to her daddy. So sweet. I always seem to be walking behind and get these cute ones.

Carter mesmerized by Illumination over Epcot. Abby on the other hand, covered her ears.

This picture was on the last day and Abby did manage to walk up to Mary Poppins. She was "scared" but did it.

Mommy and Carter on the race car. Abby and Carter both loved to drive the cars.

The Arial doll had to stand up and be in the picture too.

Daddy, Abby and Aurora.

Carter getting Snow White's autograph at dinner at Cinderella's Castle. They told him that he reminded them of their prince and he was hooked.

Breakfast with Mickey. Carter loved it.

Carter showing off his muscles with Chip and Dale.

Waiting for the parade at Hollywood Studios.

Waiting for the parade at Magic Kingdom. We had a great spot to watch.

Abby cooling off with her fan.

Mommy and Abby watching the characters perform.

Hope you enjoy this little blurb of pics. I will post more later.