Friday, September 30, 2011

Beach Trip

We went to Myrtle Beach with Patrick's parents and his brother's family over Labor Day Weekend. I am a little late in updating the blog because we have had some computer technical difficulties, which Patrick has been working on. Things are great now, so I will try to update more often. Abby and Neeley in their matching pajamas.
The kids all eating breakfast and ready for their first day of playing together in the water.
Silly girls.
Carter in the pool. There was a sand filled bottom in one part of the pool and the kids had a great time.
Ian and Carter.
Abby in the sand and water.
Abby is a little fish in the water and she was not afraid of anything.
Nana and Gramps before a fun filled game of miniature golf.
Cousins posing for the camera.
Abby worked so hard but mostly would just pick up the ball and drop in in the hole.
Cousins- Neeley is so excited that Abby is old enough to play with her.
Playing "chess" before eating at the Sea Captain's House- our traditional beach activity.
The girls-they would pose for the camera a little easier than the boys.
Sweet and silly Abby. She just cracks me up.
Love me some Carter man...
Family pose on the rocks...
Climbing onto he rocks with the ocean behind him.
Playing in the ocean.
Abby loved the sand.
She can be such a girly girl sometimes.
Carter loved jumping in the waves with Daddy.
Walking with daddy.
Abby getting some Daddy time on the merry go round. She was so excited to go, but then got all scared.
The boys riding the teacups at Broadway at the Beach.
Abby and Mommy on the teacups at Broadway at the Beach
The happy friends riding on the motorcycles.
Abby washing daisy bunny that she made at Build a Bear.
Abby and Neeley watching the girl stuff their bunnies at Build a Bear.
Daddy and Carter picking out things to make his remote control card at RideMakers...
We had a busy but fun filled 3 days.. Can't believe that was a month ago. Now we have been in full school mode and starting the fun fall season. I will update more soon as we have a little boy turning 6 at our house very soon. Hard to believe.