Sunday, March 27, 2011

A visit from Grandma and Aunt Amy

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Grandma and Aunt Amy. The weather was great in the beginning, which was a change from Indiana weather and we enjoyed hanging out, reading and playing.

Grandma and Carter reading a book about bees. Aunt Amy and Abby playing with a color game before bed.Abby showing off her book from Grandma.
Grandma and Carter reading again before going to Karate.
Abby and her cards. She is loving to name the animals and match things. She decided to run a fever while they were visiting, so she had a little extra time in her pjs. Dora of course.
Carter's class went to the public library so we went along to check it out too. What better for a librarian and a teacher.
Carter reading a book that we checked out.
Book time for Grandma and Carter.
Abby loving on Corduroy and hanging out with Grandma and Aunt Amy.
Carter had a t-ball game so it was nice for Grandma and Aunt Amy to get to watch. Here he is enjoying a snack after the game.
Sweet boy.In case you wondered, when you are 5 and it gets boring in the field, you just put your hat on sideways and put your mitt in your mouth.. The boys are so cute at this age.
Grandma being silly. Abby would tell her "you are silly, Grandma." Too cute.
Carter also received his Junior Green belt in Karate, so Grandma and Aunt Amy were able to attend.
Carter with his friend Liam after getting his belt.
Giving a thumbs up.
Grandma and Carter playing with a toy that she brought. Carter was laughing so hard.
Carter was so excited that Grandma got to sleep in his room. They watched a movie and basketball at night before going to bed. Then Carter would tell Grandma stories.
Time together...
Abby and her Aunt Amy.

They went home yesterday, but we had a great time. Thanks so much Mom and Amy for coming to visit.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day and other fun stuff

Today was the parade at Carter's school. The kids basically walk around the block. I made a "float" for Carter to pull. Last year I made a firetruck, but had to simplify this year. It was still fun.
Abby is still not at Carter's school. but will be starting in the summer, so next year a girly float will be in the plan.

Here it is, a monster truck arena/stunt show thing... It worked and the kids liked it.

Carter and his friend Smith pulling the "float"

Carter's class after the parade. Carter is on the far right.

Carter and his friend Benton. Yes, he looks really tall in that picture.

Pulling the float.

Waiting for the parade to begin.
And now onto other things.

Abby playing at one of her birthday parties. She had a great time.

Abby looking like a princess.

Daddy helping Abby put on her earrings.

The little dress up princess.

Carter and cousin Ian at dinner the other night.

Abby and cousin Neeley at dinner the other night.

We are looking forward to a fun weekend with t-ball and St. Patrick's Day Festivities.