Friday, January 25, 2013

Indiana Family Fun

 We left to drive to Indiana the day after Christmas.  The snow started falling when we reached the Indiana and all we saw were cars spinning and in the ditch.  We drove as far as Amy's house in Indianapolis to spend the night.  The kids enjoyed fun in the snow as soon as we got there.  They loved making snow angels and Hudson, Amy's dog joined in the fun.
 We got to mom's and found presents under the tree.  The kids were so excited to open them. 

 Playing hockey from Grandma. 
 Grammy arrived and Abby quickly recruited her to paint her nails. 
 Grandma and Amy reading books.  Fun for both.

 Outside in the snow it was time for snow angels, the sled pulled behind the 4-wheeler, eating snow and throwing snowballs.  The kids LOVED the snow. 

 Grammy and Carter played cards.

 Abby helped Aunt Amy with the oreo balls.          
Each night Carter would read a chapter from his story.  He was so serious and loved doing it. 
 Abby got a Doc McStuffins doctor's kit and got busy taking care of Grammy and Aunt Amy.

 Abby making crafts with Grandma.
 We met my friend Kelly from college at Das Essenhaus for lunch.  Somehow I only got a picture of Chip and Carter together and not the girls.  These boys are the best of friends.
 We went to visit the Stine's while we were home.  Charlotte passed away about a week before Christmas and her son, Stacy and his family were in town.  Stacy and I went to school together from kindergarten on.  Charlotte has a special place in my heart and she had such an impact on so many things in my life.  She will be be greatly missed.  His kids played so good with Carter and Abby.  Preston worked on "building" Carter and Chess board and Rebekah was so sweet to Abby.  

We had such a great time in Indiana...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas eve and Christmas Day

 On Christmas Eve, we went to church and then headed to Waffle House for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  I think the only time that we go to Waffle House is on Christmas Eve, but we had a great time. 

 Then it was time to decorate cookies for Santa.  Santa got cookies and milk and the reindeers got carrots...
 Christmas morning...  Carter lost a tooth on Christmas Eve and was actually more disappointed that the tooth fairy did not come when he checked Christmas morning...  He finally convinced himself that it was because he stayed up too late the night before and she could not come...  We had been joking all day that we did not know if the tooth fairy and Santa worked on the same night.  I guess not..  oops...
 Excitement in the morning...
 Trying out his skateboard.. 
 These are the 2 things that she asked Santa for.  It was so funny...

 Fun with presents and stockings...

The kids played for awhile, while Patrick and I packed because it was off to Indiana the next day.  We went to Nana and Gramps on Christmas afternoon. 

The kids in a Wedding

 We have the best neighbors and our kids adore them.  Several months ago, they asked Carter and Abby to be in their wedding.   Abby to be a flower girl and Carter to carry a sign that said "Here Comes the Bride". 

 The kids had so much fun.  We really were not sure how Abby would do, but she did great. 



 Here are several pictures before the wedding. 

 Carter was helping out the other ring bearer..  He did a great job. 

 During the wedding, Abby struggled to be still.  She picked her nose, twirled in her dress, took her shoes off and fixed them, and dropped her flower basket and then fixed all the flowers.  I don't really think it was that noticeable, we were just watching her.  Carter managed to stick himself with the boutonniere pin during the wedding, but did great holding his sign. 

 Carter loves Mr. Matt and wanted to be near him any chance he could get. 


 Abby loves to dance and danced with her daddy. 

 Carter put so much thought and effort into writing in the guest book.  It was sweet.

My favorite picture of all.  Love these kids..

Gingerbread Houses

We decorated Gingerbread Houses this year.  I bought this really  neat plastic house a few years ago and you decorate it and then wash it and can keep repeating the process.  The kids loved it.  

 Abby was invited to a friend's house for cookie decorating and gingerbread house decorating.  Despite this look, she loved it. 
 Here she is with her friends.
 Hard at work. 
Smiles for the camera...