Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Carter and Abby this morning in their Halloween Pajamas.
On Monday night we carved a pumpkin.

Abby was not too excited to get near the pumpkin.

Carter took this picture of me and Patrick.

The carving process. What is daddy doing?

Carter and Abby enjoying the Halloween Cookies that Grandma made them and sent back with me.

On Tuesday we went to Boo at the Zoo. Abby did not say Trick or Treat but enjoyed going to get the candy.

Carter at Boo at the Zoo.

Abby showing me her sucker that she opened. She did not like it but enjoyed showing it to me.

We ran unto my friend, Kasey, her husband and son, Heyward at the zoo. We tried for a cute picture, but this is all that we got. Abby just stared at him and he made sounds at her. Too Cute.

Abby at school on Friday. She dressed up in the morning but they changed for the afternoon. Here she is posing.

Last night we went to McEntire, where Patrick works for a Halloween party. The kids got to go on a Hay Ride for candy. Lots of fun.

Abby enjoying her pom poms.

Carter and Mommy.

Carter and his costume.

Info on costumes. Carter decided that he wanted to be a Colts football player since Aunt Amy likes the Indianapolis Colts and lives in Indy, so it just seemed easy to make Abby a cheerleader. She is such a strong willed little girl that putting something on her head would never have worked. I don't have the picture yet, but Patrick and I wore Colts shirts and were the fans...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fun

We have been busy this fall season and the kids are growing everyday.

Here is Carter at a local pumpkin patch.

Brother and sister.. About the most difficult picture to capture these days.

Abby enjoying the pumpkins.

We went to the State Fair last week to enjoy fair food and ride a few rides. As you can see, Abby was not a fan, but Carter had a great time.

I was excited Abby ventured out to see the pig. I know that you can't see it because it was baby, but this fair does not have the animals that I am used to, so something was better than nothing.

Carter on the Merry Go Round. Abby (picture not posted) screamed the entire time.

Soccer has also been in our fall schedule. Carter is on the left. We have been lucky enough to play with the same kids for 3 seasons, so the kids are doing great. It is so nice to see.

Here are the Meteors.... Halloween costumes will be posted soon. We have a few full weeks of Halloween fun.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Carter's 5th Birthday

I really can't believe that Carter is 5 already. Carter is a huge Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan and I was trying to figure out a way to avoid a Dale Jr. party but when I realized that Carter and Dale Jr. share the same birthday, then we had to go for it. So a Dale Jr. party it was. Carter inside the playhouse in the backyard. The kids had a great time with this.
The kids were in the front yard and the backyard with checkered flag pennants lining our yard.

I made a banner for both Carter and Dale Jr.

Here is the cake that I made.
Carter and his friend Ty from school. Each child received a "Pit Pass" when they arrived with their name to wear on a lanyard.
Abby got into the action too.

We had a pinata.

There was painting and coloring in the garage.

and lots and lots of running in the backyard.

Daddy and Abby helping with the pinata.

We had 18 kids. Here they are lined up for the races with the "box cars"

More racing fun.The table is set up with a tent in the backyard, like tailgating.
More fun with the pinata.

The kids raced cars down the driveway.

More painting in the garage.

Parents joining in for the ring toss and bean bag toss.
The anticipation of the pinata.
Still racing the cars.Carter taking a break and watching the race while his friends ate cake. He enjoyed blowing out the candle but is not a big fan of sweets.
Each child received a goody bag full of Dale Jr. surprises when they left. Mommy helping Carter get ready for the pinata.

Oh the fun to be 5.....

and finally, a girl and her shoes. Abby was all prepared for the event.
One of Carter's friends, mom, takes great pictures, so I asked if she would take some pictures during the party. She did a wonderful job. I actually have 115 pictures of the special day.