Saturday, July 9, 2011

Indiana summer Trip

We just returned from a week in Warsaw with a quick trip to my Grandma's for 4th of July. The kids and I flew up and both did great on the plane. I took a ton of pictures, so here are a few to enjoy.
Carter and Grandma having special time together. They have such a special bond.Abby also enjoyed time with Grandma and also her dogs. Abby loved to cover the dogs with her blankie and they tolerated it very well.
We took Grandma's Mustang convertible to be in a parade. The kids loved the loud Beach Boys music and Abby is now singing "Barbara Ann".
Meaghan brought her girls to my moms and the girls had a great time outside. Abby and Presley are feeding the horses the best way that 2 year olds do.
Presley doing her best to carry the hay.
Carter with Reece and Presley waiting for the horses to come. Carter was a huge help feeding the horses by the time that we left.
Four kids hard at work minus baby London who was inside withe Meaghan.
The kids were playing red light/green light and running outside. They had a great time.
Reece lounging on the pool.
Carter chasing Reece.
Carter enjoying a Popsicle.

Carter, Abby and Reece in the pool.
Carter trying to get Reece wet. Gotta Love the corn fields.

We went to First Fridays in Warsaw and it had bounce houses and pony rides. The kids had a great time and I got to run into some friends.
Abby loved the bounce house and would just keep going and going..
Then we had the awesome chance to go see the rooms and things of the Plumlee brothers from Duke. My mom is holding Marshall's McDonald's All-American jersey and Carter is with the Final Four Chair from Indianapolis. It was so cool and Carter and my mom were in awe...
Aunt Amy making a fire in the backyard with Carter.. She did a great job and Carter had so much fun "helping" her.
Grandma and Carter making Smores. Sad to say but this was a first for my kids.
We did a few fireworks outside. Sparklers and snakes.. The kids thought that it was neat. We went outside after they had baths and put on their pjs.
We got up early on 4th of July to head to my Grandma's house for the 4th festivities. First included the Schoolcraft parade. Then back to my Grandma's for lunch with great food and homemade ice cream. It was very special. So much of my family was able to make it.
My cousin Allie coloring with Carter and Abby while we waited for the parade to start.
Carter and Abby with the baskets that Grammy made for them. They were so excited.
The gang waiting for the parade.
Grammy and Abby went "fishing" while we waited for the parade
Carter loved waving his flags that Grammy brought and getting the candy. My grandma loves the 4th of July and had the garage decorated for the big day. My cousin Allie went and helped her with the prep work. Thanks Allie.
The family out watching the kids play. Minus my mom and Allie who were off letting Allie drive the Mustang..
Abby having fun with the water balloons.
Becky was filling up the balloons for the kids to mostly just throw on the ground. The adults got into the action a little bit
Carter thought that it was fun to spray people with the hose.

Abby with my sister's dog, Hudson. Poor dog, she kept running around going, "Hudsy, come here".
We also took flowers to my dad's grave. Carter is so open to ask questions, so we just sat and talked. It was so sweet. He liked to see his name after his Grandpa that he was named after.