Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy month

As you can see we were part of the snow in the south. It is amazing how long the kids down here did not have school. Here are a few pictures with the kids outside. I had to work during the worst weather, so I was not able to join in the fun. I don't think that Daddy is a huge fan of the snow, so all they really did outside is clean off the driveway. Snow shovels are not in huge demand down here so a large broom worked just fine.
Abby with her broom.

Playing after the driveway was cleared off.

Carter is a huge fan of monster trucks so Daddy and Carter headed out for the monster truck show. They got to get up close before the action started.

Posing by one of the trucks.

Carter and Abby have been taking swimming lessons. I take them before Patrick gets off work, so action shots are not easy to get.

Abby and I get in first and Carter watches and then he gets in without me. Both are doing great.

Sorry this are not super exciting, but hopefully I will post with some more fun pictures soon.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas in Indiana

I know that this picture is dark, but this is what we woke up to the day after Christmas. We were heading out to drive to Indiana. Warning, this is a long post.....

We went to my sister's to spend the night and here is Carter warming up to Hudson.

It took work to get Abby close but she did love practicing saying "Hudson" in her little girl way.

Hugs for Grandma when we arrived. Here is Meaghan's daughter Presley with Abby. They are a month apart.

Carter and Reese.

There was an Ice Carving festival in town near my mom's, so we went to Shipshewana for the day. Abby checking things out.

Carter was mesmerized by everything.

Watching with Grandma.

They were carving the Willow Tree Nativity Scene. It was really cool. Carter could have watched all day.

Had to take a picture of the Amish Buggies.

Then we opened presents with my mom. The kids had a great time.

Abby sitting with Grandma.

The much anticipated Pillow Pet.

Enjoying her Corduroy Bear that is animated and tells a story. Outside at the barn. Carter hauling trash on a sled.

We met my friend Kelly from college and her family at a bowling alley. Here are her 3 kids.
Abby getting into the action.

Chip and Carter are the best of friends. It is so sweet.

The best attempt at all 5 kids together.

Grammie and Carter looking at books.

My grandma decided that she had not been to a spa and wanted us all to go. Here are all of us girls after our time at the spa. It was so much fun. Great idea Grandma. It also was my cousin Allie's 16th birthday, so she enjoyed a pedicure with her friend.

Becky showing Grandma her toes. How pretty.Grandma got Allie a guitar shirt that played... A hit.We then went back to my mom's for cake. Here is my cousin's Mike and Becky playing with Abby.
Hope that everyone had a great holiday season. We are getting back in the swing of things and organizing after Christmas.

Getting ready for Santa

In the days before Christmas, the kids and I found time to make cookies for Santa and make a gingerbread house.
Carter with the finished project. I need to try one from scratch next year, those box things were tough. We ended up having to prop it up outside to freeze in order for it to stay. We did have fun and next year, Abby can enjoy as well. When we made cookies, all Abby wanted were the sprinkles.

Carter was a little more hands on.

Serious business decorating for Santa.
Such sweet siblings. Then we headed out to Waffle House for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. We started this when I was pregnant for Abby and we have continued.

Then it was Christmas morning.. Carter work me up to let me know that it was light outside. Both had a great time opening gifts and seeing what Santa brought them. Carter loves his cars and Legos.

Abby was thrilled with her kitchen.

In the afternoon, we went to Nana and Gramp's house to celebrate Christmas.
Carter and Ian helping each other.

The best picture that we could get of the four cousins.

Abby loved opening her presents...