Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Colts, Monster Trucks and Daddy's Little Girl

This picture speaks for itself. Thanks to Grandma and Aunt Amy, Carter and Abby get to show their Colts Spirit.. Yes, Carter is wearing a Krispy Kreme hat (it was from Donuts for Dads on Friday at school).

Carter and Daddy went to the Monster Truck Show and even went extra early to get a close up of the trucks and drivers. They had a great time.

Paying close attention...

Posed by the dirt and trucks.

Here is Carter with one of the trucks. He would not get his picture taken with the driver.Lastly.... Abby and Daddy.. too sweet...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Little Patient

Abby has had several ear infections since November and they decided on Friday that she needed to get tubes in her ears.. So today was the big day.
She did great...Before we met with the pre-op nurse. We had to be there at 7:30am but were home by 10:30am. Daddy holding Abby in her little gown.
Showing off the cute hat...

Just waiting to go back. All finished. She quickly drank a bottle and started digging in some cheerios. We are at home now just relaxing. She seems fine.
It is hard to believe that Abby is 11 months old already. She is growing so fast and trying to walk alot of places.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun in Indiana

Sorry that I have been slow in posting. Here are some/several pictures from when we were in Indiana. We had a wonderful time. Everyone had lots of fun and it was great to see everyone. The kids actually did great in the car for the long trip. Carter playing hot potato with Grandma. They can make each other laugh.
Abby's sitting with Grammy. Abby was very attached to me and Patrick so she spent limited time with anyone else. She is going through that phase. Sorry for everyone that she was not mor interactive.

There was snow when we hit the Indiana border, so Carter had a great time outside. He is sitting on the snowmobile that I had when I was little. I have a picture of him on it every year.

Abby in the snow. Not so excited.
Carter being pushed my Reece (Meaghan's daughter) on the snowmobile. They became fun friends.

My cousing Becky or Boo as we call her giving Carter a big "snow hug".

Abby getting ready to open some presents. Again, my mom spoiled us alot. Love you mom.

Abby sitting with Grandma.

Abby decided that she had a better view if she turned around in the high chair...

Carter and Grammy. He is wearing the sweater that my grandma made for me/Amy/cousin Mike when we were little. They sang Jingle Bells together and I was able to get a video. Too cute.

Abby giving Grammy a hug before she left. It is so fun to see her interact with her great-grandkids.

We did have the chance to see a few friends when in town, the problem is that there is not a great place to meet, so McDonald's playlands were the meeting place. Not lots of options with little kids. Here we are with my high school friend, Kaylin and her kids Luke and Katie. It was so nice to see them.

We visited Pizza Hut one night for dinner. I love the Pizza Hut that I worked at and enjoyed a Taco Pizza with my mom. Here is Abby and Grandma.

A little early in the evening, but we celebrated New Year's eve with Carter. He enjoyed the party. I can't believe that I put this picture on here but here we are ringing in the New Year.

Another McDonald's playdate with my friend Kelly from Hope College. She now lives in Kalamazoo with 3 kids, Chip, Carien and Cecile. We both drove about 45 minutes to McDonald's. I had to remind her that it was not about he atmosphere but the company. Her youngest is 6 weeks younger than Abby and we hadn't seen each other since. It was nice.

Grandma and Carter playing bowling on the Wii.

When we left, we drove through Indianapolis to see my sister Amy and her new dog, Hudson. Abby actually loved Hudson the most. She really was not afraid. It was so cute.
Sorry for the long post. Soon enough Abby will be a year old, time flies. Hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Morning

Up and ready for Christmas morning about 6:45am. Not too bad. He fell asleep so early the night before and made sure to look out the window to see Santa with his "magic" eyes before going to bed. Here Carter is checking out the tree.

Abby checking out her presents and sitting on Carter's train.

Carter opening his stocking.

Abby holding her doll named Abby and sitting on her new bean bag chair. (needless to say that the Abby doll fell out of the car at one of our stops on the way to Indiana and Santa needs to soon replace it). Carter playing the Wii that Patrick and I got for each other for Christmas.

Carter and Abby playing together with their presents.

Carter's fireman tree.

Abby's cupcake tree.